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About Snowhorse Design


Our first model house started as a gift for my dad.  He has run an HO scale train setup in his office for years, and for his birthday, I decided to design, print, and paint a model of his grandma's house.  From the feedback I received, I decided to start printing more copies of the house and posting them on online marketplaces such as ebay and Facebook Marketplace, and I could not believe the response I received.

From what I could tell, there was a hunger for new, innovative content for hobbyists.  As quick as I could design and 3d print new models, they were bought up, and my single printer wasn't enough.  One printer became two, three models became four, and so on, until here we are today.

Thanks to you and all of the other fantastic hobbyists out there, Snowhorse Design became a one-stop shop for new, innovative designs, custom builds, and more.  Have a look around, and if you feel so inclined, my grandma's house is still a best seller (though now it's called the "Brick Cottage") and everybody can have a piece to take home.

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