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This straight wall segments add on to our Brick Wall collection is perfect to add detail to your home, park, or industrial center.  It contains 24 seperate pieces including:


  • 4ea   6" segments
  • 4ea   3" segments
  • 4ea 1.5" segments


In HO Scale (1:87), this item is 3d-Printed on demand from PLA plastic in a neutral grey color.  No finish is applied to the item prior to shipping.  Recommended finishing of this item includes application of a suitable primer and paint.

Brick Wall - Straight Segment Pack (HO Scale 1:87)

  •  All Snowhorse Design Products are proudly designed and made in the state of Utah with no processes done overseas. It is our commitment to provide you high-quality products that are made in and ship from within the United States.

  • Every Snowhorse Design product is 3d-printed when you order it. This helps us to minimize our standing inventory which in turn:

    • Eliminates back orders on current product lines
    • Allows us to increase the diversity of our products
    • Ship any of our products in 10-15 work days of your order

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