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This 1930's Brick Cottage is the perfect item to add to your hobby train set, diorama, or other hobby setup. In HO Scale (1:87), it is 3D printed in neutral colors including white, grey, or tan, and assembled for ease of use. Unfinished, you can paint it to meet color scheme of your town or match the style of a favorite childhood home.

Craftsman Cottage (HO Scale 1:87)

  • Our products are 3d printed from a light gray PLA plastic.  This material makes our models both durable and highly detailed with the body of the building and roof structure printed as two solid bodies and located with peg and hole construction.

    PLA is a highly paintable material that is accommodating of most model finishing methods. As opposed to other plastic models that typically use a nylon or ABS, PLA based models are derived from lactic acids (such as corn starch) and are considered an "eco-friendly" option that are not petroleum based and will break down in a landfill significantly faster than other plastic materials.

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